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    Uhmmm..Hello Guys...i need advise from managers....i cant win the champion cup..i have used all teams even going far as to take team for a manager..but i cant still what team should i enter?what formation should i use..what players should i buy..please i need help to win the champion cup...And real mardid always remove me..the have the world best team..even better than my team..everybody is a star..please what team nd players should i buy ?

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    @Tegzy1234567 bro, it purely depends on your tactics. You simply cannot win or use a single tactics the whole 43 days or 13 days. There is no single team tht is strong. A strong team depends Purley on how strong the manager wants to make it. If u want to be strong, buy young players and train them. Tactics depend on your opponent. If they offensive and stromg then u play counter attack. If you strong you play attack. The tactics request category is open 24/7. Just ask your tactic request and hopefully me or some other manager will help you out. Remember only you can make your team no one else becoz YOU are the manager.
    If a manager wants he/she can make a team tht is 400 million better than real Madrid. Tht is if you buy the right players. We can't give you a list becoz it will be unfair and too long to make😂. Just listen to the above advice. You can do it. Remember MANAGE LIKE A BOSS

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    What formation do you think i can use ?nd club i should enter ?

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    Please use the Tactics request topic for such questions....

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