About the winners cup ticket

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    Pls I want to ask a question about the winners cup ticket. I’m a moderator of my league and I won the winners cup ticket so I have paid to open a new season after the current season has end. So will I still go for the winners cup or will a new season start after the current one has ended. Please I need a reply ASAP

  • @Mummy123 Hi mate,

    you can claim the Winners Cup ticket on any free clubslot. That slot will then be reserved for the Winners Cup. So it will a new season start, because you have already paid. In the Winners Cup you can continue on another slot.

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate...if you paid to continue in a new league then this league will continue...the winners cup ticket can be used with any free slot...you can not use this winner cup ticket after a long time....you have 7 days to claim this ticket...