Cheater reported, no action taken so far

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    Yesterday I reported an obvious cheater. The respective manager sells players far under the value from a better to a worse team. Also from the worse team he sells players to the better team to increase his money for this worse team.
    Interestingly, today is the last game of the season where I face this worse team (SPAL) and his better team (Bologna) could overtake me if I lose this last match. He also does these deals with another third team (Inter Milan) which is also 3 points behind me. This would mean if action isn't taken fast enough and he manages to get the advantage by these illegal transfers, I could possibly drop from 3rd to 5th place with Fiorentina due to the illegal transfers from this manager from SPAL.
    Any admin that could look into the issue and quickly come to a solution? I spent quite some effort and money on this team, so if the worst case happens I will need to take steps for a refund.

  • @Luis-Van-Goal_NL Hi mate,

    there's no point to try to report it through forums. Cheatings will never be discussed or reported through forums. You have him/her already reported and so you have to wait and be patient till your report is handled.

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate...if you made a cheat report, you will have to wait to be handled from our staff members....