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    Hi, i think something wrong about india and india boss league can someone help about this?

    Okay so let me write about my problem i was in the game and i was looking for some asian teams and i saw indian league and indian boss league but there is a something wrong about legaues and teams. Indian boss league is actually first division of indian football but india is actually second division in real life but in the game it is totally different.

    here is the photos:

    churchill bro.png

    in the game churchill brothers playing on indian first division.

    but in real life:

    churchill second tier.png

    it is playing on indian second tier.

    mumbai city.png

    in the game mumbai city is playing on second division.

    but in real life:

    mumbai first tier.png

    it is playing on first division.

    so this means there is something wrong about indian leagues this must be change.

    thank you.

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    Yes, this needs to be updated.
    Before last season, India League (I League, in real life) was 1st tier of Indian Football while Indian Boss League (Indian Super League, in real life) was 2nd tier.
    But this was changed in previous season, and now Indian Super League is 1st tier league of Indian Football.

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    All leagues will be updated from our Support team...stay tuned...