Winners cups missing in achievements

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    Now that I take a look at my achievements, I find that I didn't get the coins for three of them:
    Claiming one ticket (I claimed 2 already), winning one cup (I won 1), and winning games in a winners cup (I won several games). Surprisingly, the cup won is taken into account for the Winners Cup Collector achievemnt.

    These are also not counting for the next level of achievement.

    Who do I have to contact for this to be corrected?


  • @ShakaZulu_3 Hi,

    It might be that you were playing in the Winners Cup when this feature was still in the testing phase. It only went live on 11th May and the new achievement was also introduced. For most achievement, the valid date is from 11th May, but there are some exceptions, where the entire history is checked. This is the reason why the achievement “Winners Cup Collector” is 1/2 and the “Winners Cup Boss” is still 0/1.

    If the above is not the reason then report as a bug.

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    Ah, ok. This is probably what is happening.

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    @Lirind Thanks 👍