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    Hello everyone who is reading this, I hope that you will answer my question here
    When I tried to scout Donnarumma I obtained it for 7,8 $ and 15 coins which is pretty good for me to be honest, really good. After that, I tried to scout some defenders for my team and now I need to pay atleast 200 coins for a 75 defender. What can I do to prevent this? I see many people that their scouts give them really good players for a cheap amount of money and coins and I receive those players who are really expensive and not that good. Is there a solution?

  • @Don-Polnareff Hi mate,

    the reason why you see that is that you don't have too many club funds (money) to buy that player and that's why he costs 200coin, instead of 15 coins + club funds. So when you don't have too many club funds (money) to buy a player, you have a chance to buy that player with boss coins. To prevent this you need to leave to finish the time on the scout. And when the time will finish he will disappear from the scout.

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    Hello mate...as a manager you have to find the way to make your team stronger and spend as many coins you can afford....as it's said above leave your scout to come back when time finish...if you need a player asap then you have to use the option of the game....