• @Majstor-Matt yes, I agree. Suprises yes, sensations- no. Sensation wuild be, I dont know... if Chile or Angola would do that, what Hungary and Qatar made it. See the difference? 😉

  • @vince13carter Sure, I get what you are saying. I didnt said that results individually were sensations though, I said that day has sensational results - as both Olympic and European champions were knocked early on the same day 😉

    Same thing for our game with Spain. It wont be sensation, but if we win it will be a little surprise, as from everything we saw in tournament so far I must be realistic and admit that Spain is firm favourite in our match.

  • Yes, I think also, Spain is favourite "on the paper", like France. For now, couldnt recognize team who would dominate in every game. Also Spain had big problems with rising handball nation Brasil and fact what happened to Denmark and Germany. Its very difficult to have perfect tournament; match in two days in average (sometimes two games in a row) , injuries and fact some nations dont have 14 but 8-9 players on highest level.
    But on a good day, Croatia can beat anyone, mate. You know that well and I know. You have quality, talent and motive. There's a fantastic spirit and will to give 100% in a national shirt, which is perhaps Croatian biggest thing in every team sport. Just love this attitude.

  • Norway is the first semifinalist! First semifinal of their history, congratz! 2 more hours and batle between Croatia and Spain starts and the winner of that match will paly Norway in semis! Lets go CROATIA!!! 😄 😄

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  • France Vs Sweden in the stadium Pierre Mauroy in Lille.
    28 000 spectators 😎

  • SPAIN HAS FALLEN!!! CROATIA IS IN THE SEMIFINAL!! 😄 😄 D What a performance from our guys, really did not see this one coming, its like they were saving themselves for this match only! Norway, are you ready?! 😄

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  • Brilliant matches today all in all, we have 4 teams left battling fot the top of the world. 😄

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  • @Majstor-Matt Congratulations, my friend! 🙂 Like I predicted good, Croatia can beat anyone and they did! Its in your blood and even though I didn't watch your game vs. Spain (it was at the same time as Qatar-Slovenia), I am sure it was deserved and better team got far in the semifinal.

    I am not sure what chances do we have against France but I would say- small. They are the best team of decade, home team, but Slovenia won't surrender just like that! We live for big moments, there're not many in our team sports and thats why I pray for equal 50minutes- and then everything is possible in last minutes.
    Croatia - Norway; well done guys, both of you! i am for Croatia but it could be another close one game.

  • @vince13carter Thanks, good luck tonight. Would be awesome if your guys could make a surprise and knockout the hosts 😄

  • France :flag_fr: 31 v 25 :flag_si: Slovenia

    The hosts make the forst finalists of the World Championship. Well done. Good fight from Slovenia, they werent bad at all.

  • Great tournament for Slovenia, they still have a chance for bronze medal. France in the final? Not a surprise 😛

    In the second semi final Norway leads against Croatia on the half time 12-10. Are you surprised? 😉

  • Epic fight between Croatia and Norway which ended by Norway wining in extra time. We missed penalty show in last second of regular time for the win 😞 Congratz to Norway on their first ever final.

    Tomorrow battle for Bronze with Slovenia. Wont be easy as today our guys fight hard and lost too much energy and Slovena has day advantage. I see them as strong favourites. But I wont be sad if we lose, I like their team and have big respect for their coach Veselin Vujović 🙂

  • @Majstor-Matt That missed penalty... Unbelievable! 😮 This is why we love handball! Or hate 😆

  • 40th minute of the game Croatia leads 24-16. Ending 31-30 for Slovenia. Congratz to their first ever medal on World Championship. Our coach is a clown.

  • @Majstor-Matt Thabks mate.

    Anyway, our country won bronze but its not fair ftom organization team to manage semifinals on separate days. Stupid and not fair at all.

  • France beats Norway in final and for the 6th time in history becomes the World Champion!Congratulations, trully deserved!

    Final standings :

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