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    Im not entirely new to OSM, but i dont know how to make a league. And I have a few questions.

    1. If you make a league in OSM, does it affect your manager status whatsoever?
    2. The ads in OSM are not working anymore why?
    3. What is you guys tips in order to be a good manager is OSM.
    4. The main question, HOW DO YOU MAKE A LEAGUE?
      Okay that's all the questions I have but please answer my questions.
      have a nice day yall
      dont get c o r o n a v i r u s
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    Hello mate....for making a league, you need a free account....you go to this account and you select the option >> create a league.... then you select the league you want to play and select any options you want...maybe without training camps or without prep days....i don't know exactly what you mean with manager status, but no, it doesn't affect your manager status...not having adds on your account, poping up all the time is some kind of privilege, cause many managers doesn't want them...winning is the main target for being a good manager and to be one, you have to find good tactics and make good teams....
    Please next time don't post so many questions is one topic....good luck with your carrier....