[Bug Report] Manager Points missing (bonus for league win)

  • Login: Majstor Matt
    Account: Slot 1 (Main account)
    League number:
    Date & Time of the bug: November 14th, time of simulation of the league (between 7:41pm and 7:43pm CET)
    Platform: Website PC/Mobile & Android App
    A: a.png


    C :

    D :

    Bug step-by-step Description: So, I have a big problem. Today I won the league on my main account by defeating my direct opponent for top place on the last day of the league (pic B). As you can see before the game today I had 4458 MP's (pic C) and now at the end of the league after overtaking the top spot in the league and winning against goal 2 team I have 4762 MP's (pic D). So for defeating goal 2 team with goal 9 team and for winning the first place I got only 308 MP's?! What is that? Usually when you would overtake first place and be leader you would get at least 800MP's extra + MP's for winning that day (depending on the team against which you won.) PLEASE check this situation and fix It, because I just lost valuable 800MP's minimally for world ranking where every MP is crucial in trying to get to top 25... Pictures are up there with all the proofs and they by themselves explain the problem as well.
    In hope to see this fixed and checked out, over and out.

    Best regards,

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    Browser: Opera, Chrome, Android App.

  • Oh and yeah, as can be seend Celje (2nd place team) lost the top spot, lost the game and yet got 25 MP's instead of losing anything for losing the top spot...ridiculous..

  • It is obvious that there is a change compared to before...

  • So nothing? Not even a comment from someone official about problems like this? Sad.

  • @Majstor-Matt i have been noticed that too, and the conclusion that I took was that when we change our spot in the league for example, we go up to 1st place... manager points only updates in the next day...and the one that was in the 1st place goes down, stays with the same points that he had, like if he continue 1st, and only updates in the next simulation... if it happens in the last round(as already happened to me), you only gain the points of the win game, and not the points for going up in the league, and the one that goes down stays with the same points... it would update in the next day, but there's no next day... sorry if it's a bit confusing but im not english.

  • and that must be corrected as soon as possible, because it is happening for like 2 months, maybe after the new updates with the goals system, etc...

  • You already reported this and you got your answer!

    Just check it here

    If the issue is still there it's because it wasn't possible to solve it until now. You've to be patient and wait for news about it.