Fantasy League w/o friends and w/o resignation

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    Me and my friends wanted to get in a Fantasy League but I'm the only one that's accepted.

    I figured to just resign but it appears I can't, I assume because we're still preparing the season?

    Can you guys kick me out of this league? I have no interest in playing in competition with strangers. Neither do I want to wait three more days to be able to resign.

    Please make it happen, I did not sign up for this.


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    Some notes about how fantasy league is working:
    (keep in mind that this is a first version and we had to rebuild it from scratch, future upgrades are on the list)

    It's not possible to create your own fantasy league
    Fantasy league will start when ALL 10 teams are submitted
    Users have 2 hours to build their squad, otherwise they are removed from the league
    Squads need a minimum of 20 players in order to be submitted
    It's not possible to have same player in two squads, so if you take too long to build your squad, all the players you want may be taken
    Value of your squad can't go over 100M

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    Thanks but I already know all of that.

    I just want to be kicked out of this league asap.


  • Resigning from fantasy league is not possible.

    It's not because you're on preparation rounds, it's by design!