Changed my email, but it didn't work.

  • Dutch Users

    Dear admins,

    So I've been playing OSM for about 1 season now, I always leave my account logged in on my pc.
    Now I wanted to get the app on my phone, but I forgot my password..
    So I tried to change it, with the email address that I made just for the purpose of making an OSM account.

    And I also forgot the password of that email address...
    So, I made a new email address and connected it to my OSM account, and I did connect it.

    Now I'm trying to send the password recovery email to that new email address, but I'm not getting that email on there, and I did get the other email earlier to comfirm that as my new email address.

    What can I do to still make the password recovery work on my new email address so I can create a new password and still play the app version of the game as well?

  • English Moderator

    Hello can send an email to >>> and explain them your problem....