Need help - I’m top and playing all the other top 5 in a row.

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    This is the toughest period of my season and I need advice on how to endure. I’m currently top on goal difference, but have a slightly better squad than others.

    Tonight I’m playing 3rd. His squad is 100 rated, mine 102. (Mine is 106 keeps, 103 def, 99 mid, 101 att, his has higher attack at 103 but everything else is lower).

    I usually play 433a WP but I’m playing 2nd tomorrow, so I don’t know whether to rest my best full back or not.

    It looks like 343a is the best formation I can play if I rest him, I usually go WP with sliders on 70 / 73 / 65 (not sure about the sliders). Zonal marking and no offside trap.

    I have analysed him - he plays 433a PG with zonal marking and no offside trap.

    Basically I’m not sure whether to rest this one player, and go 343a WP or just go with my usual 433a WP but have my best right back’s fitness on yellow going into tomorrow? Also not sure on what the sliders should be, my squad is only better by 2.

    Any help would be massively appreciated!

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    @wilsonevans11 well mate, cheers first off. Let me begin with saying your opponenent can switch to something else. Many osm managers try to get their opponent on the wrong track formation and tactic wise. You have to adept to each other in order to win. 433 is good formation and wp is great. But nowadays it is hard to beat 451/4231 shoot from distance with. 343 on the other hand is easier to beat with all kinds of different styles and tactics. And how tired is your defender really? If he still has 80% or more fitness /condition he should be able to play. If you play away you better ought to use him. Because at home you have the advantage of stadium improvements so you can afford it better to rest him. And always have 4 players on sale. It can be as high as 40 million euro's or more you never know. Coming engine simulation time 7-8pm you might have bought a new defender which is equally good or better than your star player you want to rest. The sliders depend on what you want. If you play pression on 40,30 or even lower your players will not get nearly as tired and out of shape when you play pression from 50 and higher. Goodluck and follow your heart.

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