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    Hey guys, hey support, hey admins, hey coders,

    I am observing that making transfers is completely random for some users.
    We are a community with 16 active players.

    Several once have the issue that they sell only once a week while other once would sell almost every second day and then also multiple times a day.

    The once who dont sell they are having 4 different players from 4 different playing positions on the market, since we thought maybe the selling is based on what the algorithm just needs to buy.
    Unfortunately that was never the solution to the problem.

    The problem with that is that there are teams in the middle of the season who have constantly sold for maximum and got always better players while other once where only able to buy once or twice a week and there teamvalue is slightly more powerful than in the beginning of the season.

    In our crew they are almost all great players who know how to use tactics.
    So the Teams with the more powerful players to 90% win the games.

    So it ends up to feel more that it is a luck game...like gambling games instead of a soccer manager controlled by a good manager.

    If you already got a powerful team in the beginning of the season and on top you are selling constantly, its impossible for the lower value teams to reach the first place.

    Several players are losing fun at the game based on my concerns.
    Your game it is an excellent, great developed game with a lot of potential.

    As a software developer for now 20 years i know that it might not always be easy to change algorithm methods. But i do hope that maybe in the future you will consider this concern.

    And hopefully you can help me with a little answer so i can give our community players something that reassures them that this is a game is not completely random and also a fair game.


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    @ken_man firstly, there are many cases in the game with probability functions, but you can manage parameters. Concretely about transfers: less cost - more probability. It makes no sense to use a sales ratio less than 2.5. Just as there is no point in trying to sell players with price about 40-50 M or even more. Good standard to buy and sell players worth up to 9-11 million.
    During the league probability of selling players decrease. For example, yoy can easily sell 3-4 players on pre-season days with cost 10M+, but in the last week it's ok not to sell a single player at all. Just like not selling anyone at single pre-season day at all. Nevertheless, work with the transfer list in the first week of the league is key. You have 8 cycles sales per day. Important to constantly have 4 (or 6, during in promotions) players on transfer list. I can also add that it is more difficult for more expensive teams to upgrade their squads. It is a natural self-regulation mechanism of the game 🙂 You can have lucky and unlucky days, even lucky and unlucky leagues. But on distance randomly equalizes everyone and your activity, your level of play plays a key role. Also your community can play in equal leagues without transfers (classicly its Club History or All Stars)
    everything stated is just my opinion

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    @wenger-wise Thank you for your time, knowledge and shared experience.

    I also thought to share this message i got from a german admin, could be for someone:
    "How many players you sell is basically a matter of luck and it is not that anyone is disadvantaged by the system in any way. Sometimes you get more players sold and sometimes less. Difficulties with selling are mostly towards the end of the season because the sales decrease with time. Also, once you reach a rating of 85 or so, it becomes much more difficult to get rid of players for the maximum price. While players with a rating of 60 or 70 are usually sold for the maximum price within a day, it can take up to a week for players with a rating of 85 or 90"