Winners of winners cup not really respected

  • English Users

    It's disappointing to see how hard it was to get this trophy and then it doesnt even show up like.. ANYWHERE!

    Like in reality, teams get a star for winning the champions league and they put it on top of their logo

    There is definitely a missing feature, something on our profile or username or at least in the trophy window thats shows our prestigious trophy that was so hard to get.
    We can see our trophies in our own profiles but not on others.

    Winners cup is prestigious, it cost a lot of coins to get this trophy, and it doesnt even show up in the coach's profile.

    And the coach comparison table, it should be there too !

    I always look for this information to see if the coach is really good or just good enough.

  • Portuguese Users

    @shaqinho Hi there! In the Trophy Cabinet you have two options: Leagues and Tournaments. In the tournaments you have the Winners Cup trophies. 🙂 Congrats on winning it!

  • English Users

    @ruipsc5 yes i should have mentionned that, we can see our personnal trophy under tournament, but can't see if the guy i have in front won it or not

    There is no way to look more than the number of trophies the guy won

    And thank you 🙏🏽 I appreciate !!!

    trophy cabinet image