Bugs on achievements

  • Good Moorning, i' ve been playing OSM since 2011 and in 5 o 6 years i won the cup 14 times. But the system tell that i only have 9, so there's one left to get the master of the cup
    Can sombody of the staff help me? or can change that?
    thanks for aswering!!

  • @elkevaganar Hi mate

    Achievements were introduced on the 14th October 2014. Some achievements start counting only after that date. Cup achievement is one of them, so only cups won after that date can be taken into account!

    Therefore, you need to win one more cup to unlock this achievement of yours.

  • @elkevaganar Hi, welcome.

    Cup achievements are indeed count from introduction, so you have to win the cup now one more time to get that achievement

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