why does my osm/ofm mobile app always have error

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    Two situations i always face ( > 20 times a day) , its a bit annoying now.

    No connection
    It looks like you're offline. Please check your internet connection

    Something went wrong, we're now restarting the app to see if that helps ( Error : 300-0)

    I am from Malaysia and my internet connection is fine. I get 30 mbps on my mobile. Feels like something is wrong with the api.

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    @cyxstudio the server is suck, don't know when this is fixed, it has been a month or so not being able to play this game

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    funny thing web seems ok , its just mobile app

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    @cyxstudio on web I always got Oops, Something went wrong. have tried different connections and browsers, still the same

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    hi any follow up?

    web is a little bit better , mobile is completely unplayable.

    At certain times everything is smooth but most of the time the website/mobile app always prompt error.

  • Unfortunately that's not something on our hands to solve 😞

    Our servers are running fine so if you use a VPN to pretty much anywhere in Europe you can circumvent the problem and play OSM without issues.
    It has something to do with the route between users device and our servers. If they use a VPN it will make a connection between the location of the VPN and our servers and therefore have a different route.
    Managers from the Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries will have a different route because they're in a different location and there are problemas on their route to our servers.
    We can't control what's going on on the 'machines' that handle the routing from Malaysia to Europe/OSM, so we need to wait for the ones in charge of it to solve those problems.