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    Trying to report a cheater for multis, but it won't submit.

    This is the report I tried to submit:
    "Andreasmale (Liverpool), malevitismmm (Everton), Amaaaaaa (Southampton), malevitis (Crystal Palace), malaka11 (Man City) - same guy, Greece flag to all accounts. You can see it from the user names and his movements from the transfer market (selling Modric for 100 mil and buying him back for 41, making 60 mil in 2 days, just 1 example). He's trying to favor Liverpool in winning the league. He took over Man City 2 days ago while they were 1st in the League and started playing like s**t, using field player as GK and players out of their positions so that Liverpool goes up. Result is City loses 8 or 9 to 0 the last 3 games."

  • @whitebear987 Hi, welcome.
    Cheatings will not be discussed at the forums and need to be reported by the system.
    Every fields needs to be filled in when you send the report, if you did that already and it's still not working then you can report it by email EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com