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    Hey! Tell me about moving to New Zealand! I have a lot of things and I found a job in New Zealand, I have already found a home but I cannot find a carrier who will meet me, load my things and take them to my home in Tauranga! Recommend the service that will do it all!

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    @koljakust Greetings! Best of all to ask those who already live there! Local residents know exactly what companies are like, I know for sure that Furniture movers in Tauranga will not let you down, but I used them only once and then when I came on vacation and I had to transport equipment for outdoor activities! Well, the carrier behaved quite confidently and drove along the roads of that area clearly not for the first time, which means he is called and he is in demand, and the one that is in demand cannot be of poor quality, I personally am satisfied with the service provided!