scout isn't working

  • Hey

    So I'm trying to scout a goalkeeper, first time i tried it gave me all keepers around 70, while my search clearly stated 90+. So I tried again, used those coins to speed it up right away and again it gave me all keepers of 70 instead of 90 like I told it to! Please help.

  • It's probably working fine. Only problem for you is that there are no goalkeepers left with the statistics you are looking for. That's why your scout is returning with keepers that are not as good as you were hoping for.

    I see that you're dutch. You can sign up to the Dutch group. Press the group icon in the top bar and look for the Dutch group. In that way you can access the Dutch forum and get support in Dutch 😉

  • @Vertrigo_NL

    they should probably say that somewhere, just spent 160 searching all different types of criteria untill it gave me a decent goalkeeper. Lame af.

  • @Vertrigo_NL Thanks for your help, since this is clear now the topic can be closed 😉

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