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    Hello, the league that I am in has a Transfer list bug. The transfer list is not refreshing and there are no new players and positions since the start of the league 2 weeks ago. There is no transfer activity because of that bug, many are saving money for other positions and players !!

  • There's no problems with Transfer list.

    You can only have new players when existing ones are removed by engine or bought by humans. That's how you 'refresh' transfer list.

    Pretty much only 3 managers are active on TL (Newcastle United, Manchester City and Liverpool)... They've been selling quite good and Transfer list is refreshing with their transfers.

    And today, 2 new players were already added to TL: Anthony Lopes and Nicolás Otamendi

    If you want a fast refresh on TL, buy and sell in a more active way and new ones will pop!