Constant Error message in Safari after last Sunday

  • English Users

    Im constantly experiencing error, that is actually pushing me to open another browser like firefox, as I can not use Safari.
    Im getting redirected in almost every click to the Error page.
    This is not happening on the IOs app nor firefox.
    Thanks in advance,


  • English Users

    The same has been happening to me, and it's kinda frustrating.
    Hopefully the OSM team can fix this problem.

  • Hi and welcome to support forum

    I can't find any issues with Safari.

    I would say that more than 90% of the issues with browser version are due to ad-blocks, anti-virus or temporary files.

    My advise is that you try to solve by taking the following actions, one at a time and check if it's fixed after each of them:

    • Clear all temporary files, cookies included (My advise is that you do it a free software like ccleaner)
    • Disable all ad-block software
    • Temporary disable antivirus (if this is the reason you'll have to find out how to configure it)