Cheating, cheating, and more cheating...

  • Portuguese Users

    Hey there.
    Cheating in this game is getting wild and uncontrolled now, and you guys (moderators and so) are not having hands for them, and I actually don't understand why...
    The "report cheating" link doesn't work (yes, I've tried it!, and got no reply), and there's no other way to report it. I'm really getting tiered of this now, and I'm not the only one.
    There is a cheater in my league, who is actually proud to be a cheater, and like to make all the rest of us stupid... He's user name is "****". He always log in in tree different browsers with 3 different accounts with the same name (check the image), so he can train players 3 times faster than everybody else. He must also be magic because he made Donaruma grow from 89 to 101 in less than 48 hours, and I know for sure that he doesn't spend not even a nickel in this game, so yes, he must magic, and all the rest of us are just stupid.
    Can someone please put some hands on this??

  • Hi, welcome.
    But cheatings will never be discussed at the forums.

    You have to report it through the system or if that's not working by email: