Been removed from leagues and Suspended

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    Good afternoon all,

    I have been removed from all the leagues I was in and suspended from playing the game for supposedly breaking rule 7. I did no wrong doings at all however a certain manager in the league I was in just wasn’t happy I rejected his trade deals and was doing better than me and OSM team banned me with no wrong doings and the evidence that was provided to them was all incorrect and I did no wrong doings.

    I have been in contact with a guy called Roel via email and he is sticking by the reasoning of having me removed and suspended but will not tell me what I did wrong other than saying rule 7 over and over. They will not let me appeal it and I just believe this is an injustice.

    Do you the community have any advice or opinions on the matter because I believe this to be disgusting when I have invested so much time and effort into the game to just have fun with my friends.

  • It was already told several times that bans/suspensions/locks won't be discussed on forums.

    If you still didn't read Terms to know what Point 7 states, I'll past it here, so you can take a look at it:

    1. You may not buy and/or sell players for the purposes of artificially giving another manager in your league money, because that makes for unfair competition.

    I can advise you to think on ALL the deals you made with other humans on all your leagues and try yo find out what you did wrong.
    I can assure you that staff doesn't lock users out of blue.