Selling high rated (star) players to the engine?

  • English Users

    So with this weekend event (higher selling chance) going on right now, is it possible to sell high rated players for a high price?

    I have a Busquets 108 average, worth 62.2mil. I'm willing to sell it for the right price but what is possible with this event? Any experience on pricing with these high rated players? Anyone ever sold a player for over 100m to the game engine?

    With lower rated players, like for example a player worth 18mil has no problem selling for max price (45mil) during this event. But does it even work on high rated players above 100 average

  • Russian Users

    @kevin241_7 everyone can have their own opinion, but it seems to me that even in such events it is unlikely to sell someone for more than 100m
    perhaps the probability of selling a football player is described by an exponential relationship, which goes down strongly after 80-90 million even if some bonus effect is activated
    I don’t think that players over 100m are really sold even with odds less than 1, but i have not tried