OSM accessibility for visually impaired

  • Romanian Users

    After a pause I started to play OSM again. I noticed some good changes wich was made on the accessibility part to make the game playable by those people who uses screen readers. It is clear that the developers are working to improve this aspect. Nevertheless there are still some issues regarding accessibility for visually impaired. Through this post I want to suggest some changes wich can be done to improve the playing experience for visually impaired users.
    I want to report the next issues:
    For web interface I used Windows 10, with NVDA screen reader and Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers. From the web interface it is imposible to set up the replacing players in line up page. It is hard to put a player on market cause the price slider can't be moved quickly, so to increase the slider with some milions you need to keep right arrow pressed for some minutes.
    On the Android app, using Talk-Back service there are the next issues: there are some unlabeled buttons on the top of the page, as well as some in line up page. Maybe there are more, I didn't made a exhaustive research about. The player's moral and fizical condition isn't reported by the screen reader, in squad page or in line up page.
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