I'm trying to resign and can't!

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    Hi. I'm trying to resign from my friends fantasy league (he has already managed to resign). I am 2 games in, I'm unsure what a preparation day is which i keep seeing. All I know is that the message from my board says 'The Board is just checking out some new suits and having a cup of coffee, they'll be back soon'

    Please help as to why I can't resign! It's really p.... me off! 😞

  • Since you made this post on forum I'm sure you're able to log on Web version. Try to resign there, please and let me know the outcome!

    Note: I assume you're trying to resign on iOS, correct me if I'm wrong!

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    @specialone This is the thing. I’ve had to make another account just to log onto forums as I didn’t get a password when I created my account on the app.

    Yes I am iOS? Is this a bug? My friend does have an android phone

  • Creating another account is not the solution. You just broke OSM terms by doing it!

    When creating account on Apps, users are not asked to set a password. After creating it, users can link account to GameCenter or Googleplay, link it to a facebook account and also set an e-mail on account and only after set an e-mail, they can get OSM login details by following the steps on forget pass peature!

    The board problems are in fact a bug on iOS App and will be fixed in one of the next updates 👍