• English Users

    Hi im looking at making a league for me and my friends theres about 12 of us but we don't want the option to use boss coins or maybe just restricting the amount someone can use per day as its spoiling it for us as some of them aren't very trustworthy lol or even if theres a way just to monitor the amount someone has used I wouldn't even mind paying more for the league or cup if we could disable,limit or track them as obviously its your income.

  • Russian Users

    we usually play with settings like this (can not make screenshots in english version, but the order is the same there)
    coin holders still be able to play friendly matches and use a scout (if you enable transfers)
    also they can obtain a little bonus in Club Funds every +-18 hours (not sure)
    as a penalty, you will receive fewer coins at the end of the league, if at least one of the league settings has been changed from the default