OSM save not working, in my own league.

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    Karan A- Manager name
    Slot 1
    League number 96251716 [Liga NOS] [Benfica]
    Date of error: 12th May (Day 1 of preseason, about 8 hours after the league being created)
    Android app

    All my other 3 saves are working, this isn't.
    This was the second season of the league i created myself (first bundesliga then Liga NOS)

    I could access my save properly for the first few hours after the league starting, but after around 12 hours, it stopped.

    I could not train players, could not see my transfer budget, buy/sell players, see the time and date of my next matchday.
    Any time i try, a pop up comes up saying (Oops! We're having problems loading this page. Try again)
    It's down since 48 hours and i am concerned I'll lose my own league and my coins.

    I could not insert any images as i don't know how to upload a URL here, but i hope i could paint a clear picture. Help and support to fix this bug would be much appreciated.
    I have already emailed the osm support team now too.
    Thanking you. Please look into it.