• Turkish Users

    I joined the league with my friend. There is an eternal rivalry between us, but this rivalry is getting uglier. I am constantly in the game, I am constantly following it. While my friend sells at least 50 million players every day, I do not sell any players. I calculated the revenues from the last 1 week in the table I made according to the transfer data. While my friend sold 552.9 million players in 1 week, I was able to earn 167.2 million in just 1 week. I also spent money to catch up with my friend, but still the difference is growing thanks to the player selling engine. Put an end to this unfair competition now.REKABET.png

  • English Users

    @witaminb I agree that player selling needs to be tweaked. Way back when I first started playing it was difficult to sell players at 1.5x of their value. Now I see managers selling players at 2x value on a regular basis. It's pretty much become a game of buying and selling players at a proft. I think the devs could discourge this cheap tactic by implementing a waiting period from the time a player is bought to when a player can be sold, maybe 5-7 days.

  • Arabic Users

    It's not hard actually just buy any player that is less than 1.5% his value and sell him max next round, It's not unfair you can do it, everyone can.
    the unfair thing is the pay-to-win gameplay after they made specific positions you may not have a chance to a buy a RB or some missing player without the scout which requires 15 coins and 16 hours.