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    Ticket #9050924
    440 Boss Coins

    The mission requested from coin master but 440 coins still not given

  • Indonesian Moderator

    @businessman08 Are you read their eligibility guide before you start mission? If you're not, you can read it and make sure you follow all the guides from the beginning until the end of the mission.


    • The grant of the reward is subject to our receipt of a confirmation from the advertiser that you completed the offer, as determined by the advertiser, within 60 days, or a shorter period (if stated above) from your acceptance of the offer.
    • This must be the first time you install Coin Master on this device.
    • We recommend that you install and launch Coin Master immediately after clicking on the offer.
    • Then, close the offerwall and reopen it. Make sure the status bar under the 'In Progress' tab has changed to 'Installed' before starting the offer.
    • Offers must be started and completed on the same device.
    • You must not use a VPN, emulators, or a similar service.
    • It will usually take us a few minutes to update your eligibility for a reward once we receive the advertiser's confirmation.
    • An offer marked as completed means that we have updated the game/app publisher about your eligibility. It is up to the app publisher to give you the rewards. If you did not receive the reward, please contact our support.