• Dutch Users

    To make the leagues more realistic, I suggest that managers are obligated to keep at least 7 of the original players of the team they manage and that they play them at least 30% of the games.

    I'm sure you all notice that it seems that the game is all about making transfers and getting players that, in real life, wouldn't even be possible.

    So this is my suggestion. I hope we can at least think about it solution to make the game more realistic. What do you guys think?

  • Italian Users

    @holymusa_nlhello I share your thoughts .... it would be more realistic ... more balanced also ... (then I am a bit nostalgic I would return to 2 foreigners even in real life as once and space for young people so I share) .... then after maybe after a few days I would not do more transfers until the half of the championship after which for 3 days you can make transfers and then nothing until the end👋