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    Hi, i know, I've read the FAQ for OSM where they specify that the partners are the ones who are responsible, however, I've sent them emails and the only answer i get is:
    " If the offer's status is marked as Completed, it means we have sent your game provider the request to reward you. Therefore, please contact your Game Support directly to resolve the issue."

    So, OSM tells me to speak with the partner (IronSource), but then, IronSource tells me that OSM is the responsable, what should i do?

  • Hi and welcome,

    We're sorry for all the issues you're having with the offer.

    If the offer status is completed, then please forward ironsource e-mail to our support mail (en.support@onlinesoccermanager.com) and attach to that e-mail screenshots of the offer with status visible!

    We'll continue support from there!