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    Today i was having a match in the cup with a weak club . Iam so strange than him . I have a better line up than him and i have more experience than him . I make a data analyse before the game . even after the game started he say thats there is no training camp . When the time comed i entered to watch my game and i totaly fuc*** up bcz i lose by training camp 2-1 !!! And the last time the player was online is from a 5 hours agoo . Can u told my whyyy the heck i didnt get any warning or anything even i use the data analyst . How a weak player can kicked me out the cup just bcz he pays a 10 coins . This is totaly unfair i spent more than 100 coins just in the friendly matches and thats what i got . Sorry guys but i realy fu***** up and this is going to be my last game and my last day with this game from 2018 .

  • *@the-joker-771 Probably your rival entered at the last moment and used the campus so that you could not counteract him, in that case it would not be the fault of the game since it has happened to me before, try to check his last connection again and tell me 😀 *

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    @jauz-beats Dude i entered the game after she was started for a 5 min ( Bcz i was know that he may do the camp ) and i checked everything . the data analyst say thats there is no traning camp and i didnt get any notification . btw his last connection was after the game end by 1 hour so how thats can be happent !? at least they need to do a timeline to the traning camp before the game starts for 60 or 30 min this is not fair at all . anyways iam leaving this game . thanks for ur response i realy appreciate it

  • Hi and welcome

    We're sorry that you've lost your match, but there's nothing wrong on what happened.

    It's last login that we keep, not last page accessed. This means that an user may be online 2h or more after last login.