Groups Competitions - Suggestion

  • Hello, I would like to make a suggestion here regarding group competitions. I come from a background in which our group used to enter in a lot of the old group competitions and it was a lot of fun, and groups rivalry was very present, but healthy. The OSM Forum also had a lot more participation than nowadays.

    So my suggestion is the following:

    Based on the current battles between groups available, create a tournament based competition that would allow the following characteristics:

    • Pre-choose the groups that would enter the tournament. This way we could bring back national competitions, and community-based competitions, as well as international competitions. So basically, the organizer of the competition would start a forum topic, in which groups would register to enter that specific competition. Then, the organizer would create the tournament (select its definitions) and then would send the invites to the groups that had registered in the forum topic. Only group leaders or officers would be able to accept the invitation for a tournament. After accepting it, all players of the group should receive a notification saying that their group needs players for a tournament

    • The tournaments could have various configurations, like for example:
    o tournaments with a previous group stage and after that, elimination rounds
    o Our they could start immediately in elimination rounds (1/32; 1/16; 1/8… and so on. The type and length of the tournament would be selected by the tournament organizer

    • Battles between groups would then be based on the current model of battles available.
    o If the tournament has group stage, each would have 4 teams (groups in OSM), which would battle between themselves, the 2 teams with higher scores would go to elimination rounds and would play against teams from other group stages. A bit like Champions league, but without the need to have two battles between the same teams.

    • For each battle, each group can select which players should enter, and there are no battles of the same tournament for the same group simultaneously. For example, I’m from Portvcale, and if we where on a tournament, lets say Eagles Cup, we would not have two battles for Eagles Cup at the same time.

    • Each battle had on this type of tournament should contribute to the medals rank, and there should be some medals rewards (extra) for those groups who reach the final stages of the tournament, for example: 1st, 2nd and 3rd places would receive extra medals for reaching those places.

    • There should also be a rank, or an award wall for groups who have entered and finished in the podium. Maybe a counter of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for each group.

    With this kind of tournaments being implemented by Game Basics, I think that group playing in OSM would again be revitalized, and the forum would gain much more participation once more, like in the old days.

    I do believe that this would be the answer for those, who like me, where big fans of the old battles and competitions between groups in OSM. And this suggestion is fully compliant with OSM rules, so no argument there.

  • @tiago-parracho

    The problem seems to be that the Owners of the game cannot or simply don't want to implement the function that make possible the choosing of a specific opponent. Without this function every project remains only a good project without the chance to see really the light.
    That's it in my opinion.

  • @tiago-parracho
    Some awesome propositions made right here. Sadly, dont expect much. Game direction owners have chosen right now is completelly against competitivity and inteligent play.
    Main problem for this option to choose opponent I guess stands in the fact that nobody would want to play against glory spenders then 😕

  • @rafelmaz I thinked a lot about what you said during this weekend and i Camo to a conclusion. I think that GB does not want to implement the possibility of choosing a specific opponent for battles as it could be used by some crews to climb faster towards the top ranking.

    But with my suggestion that is more difficult to happen, as tournaments would have to be filled by several crews. And being announced on the forum, GB could have a system to make it harder for cheaters, like for example: only to competitions properly announced on the forum, and whose crews who have registered, are properly checked, they could give a Code to the organizer, that would have to be inserted when creating the tournament in app. So, it wouldn't be possible to create a tournament without the proper requirements.

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    @tiago-parracho tbh if this happens I know two crews that will never get opponents 🤐 not naming names but its facts . Uno "N" Dos