Why doesn't the scout bring players above 99?

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    I have a very strong team, my players are all above 94, and I have almost half of the team above 100, but I still want to improve my team, however, my scout brings me worts players than the ones i allready have! Why? Shouldn't you change this? Because in the transfer list, sometimes, appears players above 100, shouldn't the scout bring them too?

  • @FulanoA Hi, welcome.
    Those 100+ players that appear on the transferlist have trained at their club that's the only reason why they have that rating.
    Sounds to me you already have a top team, so why not train the players that are bove 94 rating or buy some if they appear on the transferlist.

    So no the scout doesn't have to bring 100+ players.
    It's also not a great idea, because that way teams can grow way to fast.