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    Hi! So I'm 1st in my league and I'll play the Final (Cup) in a few days, so I'm going to my first Winner's Cup.

    I'm looking for information to prepare it but I find contradictory information when I search so...:

    • Will I keep my current money, or it'll be a reset?
    • And this question is only valid if I keep my current money: right now there are some interesting players in the market (around 107-110); should I buy them, or should I wait for the Winner's Cup since maybe there will be better players around 120?
    • I thought about buying some bargains (101, value 33M et market price around 48) and selling them in the WC's pre-season... what do you think? I have read that at the beginning of the WC it's easy to sell players.

    Thank you!