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    Why hasn't my player Martinez sold/transferred yet I have put this guy on the transfer list for some days now like 5 or 7+ days .I have even lowered the price from 97M to 80M !!!??

    Martinez is 24 yrs old , and he is still not sold yet , he is also 101 ovr

    Is it that he is 101 ovr he is not sold yet ? Because in the past also my 100 ovrs are a trouble to sell.

  • @brad_steven The chance of a player with that price to be sold is quite low. Therefor it can happen that it isnt sold in 5-7+ days. There is a part of chance/luck involved. I thought that indeed, lowering the price to match the value of the player increases the chances of selling, but still it isnt a guarantee

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    Selling player is just random...but as the manager said above, if you have set a high price on a player, then the chances of selling him is less...but i repeat, selling is just random...maybe you have to wait more days....