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    1. Player ratings are ridiculous and unrealistic. Please make a max of 99 or 100 for player ratings because its just too unrealistic and people would just dump older players since younger ones gain more progress in training. Veterans like ronaldo or messi would be useless eventually because there will be lots of players with higher rating than those 2. The gameplay will always end up this way since it is the only way to make a good team.
    2. Broken transfer market. People would just sell their players in the max amount of value possible. This eliminates the negotiation feature between managers (which i think is one of the best features to have here in the game). Please make negotiations and sending offers to happen otherwise it’s too quiet and dead.
    3. Unrealistic training progress. Players can gain 1 or more rating in just a day through training and this makes it so easy to reach 100 and it’s just nonsense for an 18 yr old to have the same quality as veterans (might as well dump the veterans since they dont progress that much in training).
    4. Player valuation. It’s much better if players value may vary depending on the performance (e.g. top scorer, top assists, top overall match rating) and that would make it more interesting and negotiations may happen more often. This makes manager not only focus on player ratings but also performance.
    5. Managers keep leaving when their team dont perform well enough. Some players are just coming to troll around and dont challenge for the objective or title. There should be heavier penalties given to those who leave (or make it unable to resign).
    6. Tactics need a detailed explanation. Sometimes match results are just nonsense. I keep playing attacking football but cant even get my strikers to score. They have a rating of 94+ and they are supposed to score lots of goals with that rating.
    7. Player traits. It would be much better if players have specific traits (eg. Fk or penalty specialist, leadership, solid player, injury prone, good in the air, pacey dribbler and so on). This enables managers to create an even beautiful team composition. And we dont want this game to be solely focused on player ratings

    These are the improvements that can be made to make the game 100% better. I dont mind if it takes 1gb space on my iPad, iphone or whatever. But with these improvements, i guarantee that more people are gonna play this game too

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