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    First of all i wish all managers a be good game.

    We have some problems.. our dear moderators. Who is we ? We are a group which meet for play online soccer manager about 20 people. We are all live in Turkey but our "server" time is not suitable for us. Our matches play when we are slept. We want to change our "server" if it is possible. We have been playing for years please do that for us.

    Already thanks for your support..

    Our league name is " ER PACO LA LIGA "
    Our server name is " Dimitar "

    İnciCaps Crew

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    it doesn't matter for us, for me. big games easy than the other games, unfortunately. everytime is we have the control the games, under the control the games, during the games, we have the some possibility, some big chances, some big okazyon, something like that but, what can i do, sometimes. it is the football, that is the football. something happened everything is something happened. but anyway, now is in the tabele, we have to see the situation, now is second position, and, one point more, i don't want to see the back, i want to see the front and i hope so tomorrow my team's ...

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    Ahahahah my dear friend it's look like a mumin joke but this topic is very important why we don't sleep as a sheep ? we have to wait for it ?

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    This post is deleted!

  • We are big menagers of teams' in "Er Paco La Liga". I'm the best menager in our League.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @fakedegilim Hello my friend and welcome on the Global forum. ☺

    I can feel for you and your friends's problem. The simulation time on your server starts too late at night for your local time.
    I am sorry to read that but there is nothing we can do for you at the moment. Once you join a league you are not able to change the server . Everything works automatic and we have way too many servers and thousands of different leagues running at the same time.

    Please take a look at this topic , https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/302/common-questions/5 , it's the only thing I can do for you right now.

    Thank you for your post and if you'll need to ask anything else please open a new topic about it. :handshake_tone2: