Missing goals

  • Hi,

    No problem to translate the message to English; I was preparing the team sheet for the next match. Normally I watch the statistics with the caps and goals/assists. Since yesterday all the scores and assists show zero. Only the scores from last match are now shown.
    Everything seems to be deleted, even in the topscorers chart my players are nowhere to be found. My team scored more than 100 goals and two of my players were in the top 3.

  • English Moderator

    @Wouter-Smidt_NL Hello mate & welcome to the Global forum. :relaxed:

    Please use this link: https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/6566/scored-goals-missing , in order to post your own detailed bug report and of course a couple screen shots with time & date showing too would be great help.

    Thank you in advance mate. :handshake_tone2:

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