• Dutch Users

    This is the biggest **** ever , the dutch people are always in advance it doesn't matter if they are better or not it have to stop be honnest i was playing home six procent advantage for me + trainings camp + 20 procent advance for me stil i lose zero three and this not the first time but the seven times on 12 competions is to much , i finish the one im playing now and then i stop it , this is the biggist bullshit i ever seen , is not because OSM is put here on tru dutch people that you have to give them advance all the time be honnest and i will take some friends of me out of here too . enyoy your fake game .

  • English Moderator

    Losing games is your fault, not some other manager fault, or this game fault...it seems that your tactics doesn't work the way you think they should...and please watch your language in here...