Sa ma cac pe jocu vostru!

  • Sa ma cac pe jocu vostru si pe randomul mortilor mamelor voastre de pisati! M-am saturat. E al treilea campionat pe care il pierd cu una sau doua etape inainte de final cu un egal de cacao!
    Dati-mi ban si inchideti-mi contul in rasa mamelor voastre de animale!
    Numai de bine in rest!
    Sper sa nu mai rezistati un an!
    N-am gasit cum sa-mi sterg singur contul ca o faceam asa ca dati-mi ban futu-va rasa de boi!

  • English Moderator

    @Malu-Ani Hello mate and welcome to the OSM forums. :relaxed:

    I have to inform you that you have opened a topic on the Global forum and that means you have to use only the English language in here , if you want from us to understand you.
    If you do not know how to speak English then you could try to join your own Language Group and Forum .
    Please follow these links to help you with the instructions:

    Or, if you still have problem then try this way please:

    Thank you for your understanding and enjoy your gaming time . :handshake_tone1:

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