Problem withe the app/iPhone

  • German Users

    Hello, i'm facing a problem on my iPhone. I want to play the game on my iPhone, so i made an account on it, but it wasn't possible to join the league of my friends. So i used an other account (this one) and joined the league with my pc (with the first account i weren't able to login with pc)
    But i can't logout on my iPhone and because of this I can't use the right account on the app..

    I know this is 'multiaccounting', but i only want to use one account, the one that i made on the pc and i want to use it on the app. What can i do?

  • @Griezhöhni Hi, welcome.
    First you need to remove 1 account, because when you experience somekind of problem with your account you should always ask the team for help and not create another account knowing that it's against the osm terms of use.

    If you removed the second account then please sent a email to: