Matches not simulated, almost 24 hrs

  • Hello world, a friend of mine created yesterday a private league, all good, the matches should've start at 9 PM yesterday, now is 3PM and matches still wasn't simulated. There are 17-18 hrs, what is happening ? is first time it happened me from 2006 till now... what can we do ? we cant take out players from firsst 11 to train either... cant test new tactics formations in friendlys either cos the match is need to be simulated so we can change any formation/player/tactics.... CAN you help me/us please with this problem ? it started to be annoying

  • the name of the league is, Liga lui S0RIN1998, is my fourth slot.

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    If you created league yesterday without preparation days - first round will be at today. Always is minimum 24 hrs to first matches. Never when you created league, after a few hours. All right, buddy? :ok_hand_tone1:

  • oh, okay man. But the timer ended yesterday and of course if the match is under simulating we cant change tactics/formations etc... Some entered the league after the match has begun simulate yesterday and their first 11 is empty adn tactics random... is that normal ? can they do smth so they can set their first 11 and tactics ?

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    @CataVaBagaMuje If you created league for example: 23/01/2017 19:29:22 - first matches will be 24 hrs later about: 24/01/2017 19:29:22... Maybe about 09:00 pm. It depends on what time server will start with simulations. Logically: after all, need a minimum although the time to join other managers to league, yes buddy? :laughing:

  • Yes my man i understand perfectly that, and it's kinda logical and normal, but why people CANT SET TACTICS AND FIRST 11 ? They have a random tactic and empty first 11, and they cant do nothing about that :))

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    @CataVaBagaMuje Good. It's all clear. What and how is set to another topic :thumbsup_tone1:.

  • Thx a lot man, take care of you.. You can close/delete topic now. Thx a lot again

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    @CataVaBagaMuje No problem and good luck, buddy :ok_hand_tone1:.

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    Since things are clear already, this topic can be closed. Thanks

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