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    Hello I was wondering why player ratings go above 99? I thought 99 was max. And with tactics does anyone know what is a good website or thread that shows some good formations and what to play with them? So far I have been extremely successful with 532 and 433.

    Also in this scenario what do you think I should do:
    77.2 million is being offered for me Ronaldo (99atk, 40ish def) and I could buy di Maria for 56mil who is (103atk, 40ish def).
    What should I do in this case? And does height matter at all in this game? If it does then I think keeping Ronaldo is the better choice.


    1. Why do ratings go past 99?
    2. Good website or thread with good tactics
    3. Ronaldo or di Maria?
    4. Does height actually matter in this game?


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    Hello mate,
    no one said that 99 was the max rating...of course it can go higher...High doesn't have to do with this game....
    For tactics post here >> https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/76/tactics-requests/449
    Next time take a good look at the current topics before you open another one.