Guy keep using his multi-acc

  • Hello , i need a hand on my league.. this guy - MAQUINA BICHO . He's using so many acc to win the german league, and i have my reasons ! First of all, he sold so many players to 3 teams in our league for the máx price, three or more times . Second , when he play against that teams , the teams always use a weak tactic against him and he always win for more that 4/5 goals..
    And the same teams , sell the players that they bought to him , and buy stronger players to sell to him later for the minimum price.. i already report , but i've no answer .. HELP ME
    The other acc that his using are - ( **** ; **** ) he already quit with his two other acc..

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    @EVESH-sr Hi, welcome.
    Cheatings need to be reported by the system and not through forums.
    Yu can report them by going to the managers profile.

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