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  • Good game to everyone. I play games by setting up a private league with my friends at the company. I always keep the league for the new season from the moderator settings. Only a few of our friends can not get a few teams when the new season starts. What is the problem and what should we do?

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    @Sir-Alexdesouza Hello mate :relaxed:

    You are the moderator of this new league , the number of your league is this : 1446692. It is a Private League so... First of all, do NOT unlock it until you get all your friends to join you there. So far you have 3 of your friends on this league.
    Second , you can visit the profiles of your friends missing and click to invite them to your new league:

    alt text

    This way they must find your invitation on their notifications from Friends and can choose a Club to join you.

    Let me know how it goes mate. Good luck Emre! :fingers_crossed_tone2:

  • thank you. League is starting as an automatic team selection. problem; Some teams seem locked. Even non-managerial teams.!!

    0_1485416812297_IMG_1285.JPG )

  • @Sir-Alexdesouza Hi mate

    Maybe your league have bug or other problem...... Pescara Calcio is an Italian Team and not an German Team.....

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