• Updated my email id but still cant transfer players. The error shows " you need to enter your email id to use this" and when i go to my profile to change email then it says "you cant change it for next 30 days" what should i do?

    I have this problem?

  • @SIREldarB Hello mate and welcome to the Global forum. ☺

    As you have seen for yourself , every new manager that is signed on OSM is able to change his email at his game profile only after 30 days. So my questions to you would be:

    1. Why do you want to change your email? There's no need for you to do so. And also,
    2. When you gave your email address the first time on your profile you must have got a mail - answer back, asking from you to use a specific link in order to confirm and activate your email. Did you do that mate? Did you activate your email yet or not?

  • No response from the manager. Time to close this topic then.