Possible training bug

  • Hi. So I've upgraded my training ground to the max so the player progression should be exactly 50% each time no matter what, is that correct? I've wasted a lot of coins (450+) to see the progression for random players on my team and it isn't 50%. Please assist, tq!

    Screenshots are available. Still trying to figure how to upload here.

  • 0_1485606256496_Screenshot_2017-01-28-20-08-14.png





  • @Mohammad-Royhaizad Hi, welcome.
    It's not true that when you've upgraded your training ground fully, that progression should ben exactly 50% each time no matter what.

    If you train the same players each time you will see that they will not inrease that much anymore, it's to be adviced to train different players.

    Also if you train players around 105 they will not grow that fast, otherwise that top team would be grow to fast compared with the other teams.

  • @Hespera

    Thanks @Hespera ! well i did try and the one I'm posting is the ones I'm currently training before a match. All my players arr under 85 except for one.

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