**WCC 2016 - Round 1**

  • This topic is the official topic for the 1rd Round of the Group Stage of WCC 2016. This is an unofficial tournament!

    alt text

    Here is the Excel Google Document that shall be our guidance during the competition:

    WCC 2016 Official Excel Document.

    :arrow_forward: Above this and as usual in all official crew battles, the rules that are in force: first of all the OSM Rules (with the exception explained on Battlepedia) and for scoring Battlepedia Rules.

    :arrow_forward: General rules

    1. Friendly matches only among members of the same crew. In such cases, there is no penalty for players out of position. Friendly matches against the opponent cost - 100 points each.

    2. 4 training camps and 6 secret training are allowed. Extra Training Camps (TC) cost -300 points each.

    3. Transfers between members of the same crew must follow the rules of Battlepedia.

    :arrow_forward: Switching the WCC 2016 Group Stage

    alt text

    :arrow_forward: CLASSIFICATION

    As you are eager to know, here goes:

    • qualify for the next stage the winners of each switch (24 crews) plus the 8 best runners-up. Total 32 classified crews.

    The tie-breakers of the crews in the first phase are:

    • If 2 tie = direct battle
    • If 3 tie = points of difference

    To know the best runners-up, we have:

    1. greater number of victories
    2. points difference balance
    3. higher current ranking (It will be considered the ranking that the crew he had at the time of the draw of the keys.)

    alt text

    We are seeing some communication problems between the groups. First of all, I ask that all penalty communication is made between the captains and effectively respond to the requests from the other group!

    Aiming to reduce the amount of problems, it was necessary to take some actions, which come to make public that all groups are aware:

    1. All penalties shall be communicated to the opposing captain in 48hrs the fact occurred. After this period, the action loses its effect;

    2. All reported penalties, must be accompanied by proof (screen print);

    3. The opposing captain is reported to a penalty shall have a period of 24 hours to respond. If you do not answer, the penalty may be considered ok by another group and will be considered in the calculation of the score;

    4. If you do not reach a consensus after this period should send the case to the event organizer review. The position that will be the end, not allowing any resources of both groups;

    5. The organizer will have a term of up to 72 hours to analyze each case.

    Thus, I ask you to avoid post cases of penalty here in the topic. Let's use it to talk about the results of battles, teasing, jokes and all healthier you might think!

    I believe that with these measures, all groups will now have the ability to better resolve their doubts and penalties.

    Big hug!

  • @Adilmo-Rocha the most important topic in these days kkk

  • @Adilmo-Rocha very speed Adilmo :D

  • @dr_devil said in **WCC 2016 - Round 1**:

    @Adilmo-Rocha the most important topic in these days kkk

    This had to come immediately! :cop_tone2:

  • Portuguese Moderator

    Lusos VS one piece

    LASK Linz (Ob 1) - canadelo
    Liefering (Ob 3) - Sir DRibeiro
    SV Horn (Ob 5) - Marynaia
    Floridsdorfer AC (Ob 7) - tomasombra
    FC Blau-Weiss Linz (Ob 9) - RuiSilenoz (C) (PM)


  • Round 04/22

    Águia Brasil: 1043
    ŁØRĐŠ: 250*

    *2 Penal

  • Hungarian Fighters: 726

    All Star Crew: 684

  • Arabic Moderator

    Good luck for all the participants

  • Round 4/22
    Hungarian Fighters: 908
    All Star Crew - 579

  • Round 05/22

    Águia Brasil: 1146
    ŁØRĐŠ: 233*

    *2 Penal

  • @ArilsonPokai Good luck Brazil :) 🇧🇷

  • @Adilmo-Rocha

    Where are the partial results for the staff to go with ???

    Come on guys!!!


  • Romanian Moderator

    TITANS 689
    RED SKULL 523

    CREWS TOTAL 1212

    Red skull -250

  • @mrtgll33 Thank you too

  • Rodada 5/22

    🇧🇷 Lusitanos ➡ 833
    🇻🇪 Campeones de America ➡ -298

  • ROUND 05/22
    The BULLS 971*
    HURSAYA 441

    *1 penal

  • @Angel-Sanctis Beautiful :D

  • KOKA : 826
    Jedi Academy : 614

    Difference : 212

  • alt metni

  • @TheBestThug Thanks 😉😀

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